Sleeping Beauty Party Ideas

I apologise for the stalling of this series.  I have been indisposed, but I am back and ready to resume.  Tomorrow, look for a post on Snow White.  However, for tonight, let’s think about how you can throw a fantastic Sleeping Beauty party for your little princess.

Hosting a Sleeping Beauty party for your daughter could be a lot of fun, even for an older child.  There are two great themes you can springboard from with this movie: singing and sleeping.

Hear me out: imagine a sleepover party where the girls make their own knitting jennies, watch the movie and make rose-scented cupcakes?  Or, if your child is of a musical bent, what about a karaoke slumber party?

There are so many ways to run with this theming and have a fantastic party for girls from pre-school age to tweens.  If your child is crafty, Spoonful have some great Sleeping Beauty crafts and they could make their own party favour with the knitting jenny idea.

Of course, you are going to need stationery.  I mentioned in an earlier post that has Disney Princess party invitations.  When you download the file, there are actually 4 different designs to choose from, and two of them include Aurora.  There are thank you notes there, as well.  You could run with pink and white decorations with roses everywhere (real, artificial or paper).  This party practically themes itself.

You may want favour boxes.  These are cute as a button:

Sleeping Beauty favour box

Sleeping Beauty favour box from

They also have a version that has Aurora’s torso included.  Choose the one you like the best.

For food for the party, you could run with a rose theme.  You could make a fairytale castle cake with rambling roses up the sides, and with some rosewater, it could also taste like roses.  Personally, I love rosewater and use it often.  You could make rosewater and lemonade mocktails and rosewater cookies – just substitute rosewater for the vanilla in your favourite vanilla cookie recipe.

Since Malificent is being released soon, you could also have a Sleeping Beauty party that consisted of a dinner and a movie with a few select friends (for an older child).

If you have a child who likes to compare and contrast, Sleeping Beauty and Malificent would make excellent texts and a great way to make a child who loved Sleeping Beauty as a child better able to critically evaluate it as a teenager.

I hope this has given you a few ideas.  Have you any to share?



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